Souper Mix



A good vegetable bouillon or stock can be the making of many a soup, risotto, or sauce. Preparing your own stock from scratch is easy enough, but it does take a little time, so an instant alternative is often welcome.

The choice of vegetable bouillon powders and stock cubes on the market is pretty limited. There are one or two good products, but if you use them frequently, you might find an underlying uniformity creeping into your cooking.

This is my solution: Whip up your very own souper mix, a concentrated paste of fresh vegetables simply preserved with salt. It’s quick and easy to make, and the stock it produces is delicious.

Serves 3-4 8-ounce jars (each jar is around 48 servings)


Note: You can use just about any herbs or vegetables you like; the important thing is that they are fresh and taste as vegetable-y as possible. My preferred ingredients are indicated in this recipe, but you could also use young turnips, shallots, celery, rutabagas, beets, or peppers, as well as bay leaves, thyme, lovage, or mint — almost anything, really. Just bear in mind that the character of the stock will vary depending on the ingredients you choose.