Everyone Loves a Ball

Adventure Synopsis: 

Everything had been going according to plan. You acquired a invitation to Prince Jurian ir'Wynarn's ball in Wroat (the capitol of Breland), an appropriate Aundairian masquerade costume, and managed to infiltrate the secure vault in order to gain the marble griffon statuette you came for.. all without alerting Lord Ruken ir'Clarn's household guards. 

Unfortunately, once you reach the vault, you discover the statue is missing. Someone in the ball must have already stolen it. 

Can you find out who before the ball ends? 

Warning: Characters may well end up in conflict with one another by the end of the adventure.

Game Information

Pregenerated Characters

Team 1: formed by individuals who wish to recover the idol to return it to its proper and legal owner.

Team 2: working together to get the idol to sell it to a fence in Malta and split the take 3 ways.