Career: Technology comes easily to me and I work in the Information Technology field. A desire for a more fulfilling, holistic path involving healing led me to pick up a second career. The healing arts have always attracted me, thus my gaining a Chiropractic education. A good balance is important to me, between social life, active lifestyle, and learning more about what the healing arts offer.

Dance: Dance has always been a passion. Ballroom dancing gives me an artistic outlet, a moving meditation to help center me, wonderful physical exercise, and a way to connect to others. Ecstatic Dance, Tango, Blues Fusion, and Irish dancing draw me the most, yet all types of dancing (including Waltz, Swing, Salsa, etc.) are a pleasure. Sometimes I dance to my own rhythms in the rain.

Exercise: I love mountain biking beautiful redwood trails, roller-blading, water-skiing and snow-skiing, guiding white-water rafting, pickleball, and a variety of other sports. Some of my favorite places to explore are along the coast near Sea Ranch in the redwoods, in Big Sur exploring the waterfalls, or up in the berkeley hills at Tilden.

Centering: Moving meditation through dancing, practicing yoga, and my martial art practice (Tae Kwon Do, Kenpo Karate, White Tiger Kung Fu) is my way of centering myself. I also feel a huge amount of peace when hiking in the redwoods or relaxing at Hot Springs. I feel much more connected to the beauty found in nature than I do in the city. I enjoy learning more about my inner self, how it's led me to this place, and where it is leading me next. Life is a journey and there is something to be savored in its path as well as its destination. Self-knowledge is one of the most valuable things in life.

Creativity: It's fun to get together with a group of friends and socialize by playing role-playing games (mostly D&D). I really enjoy the creative stretch of shared story-telling.

Gaining new perspectives: Berkeley drew me to live here with its wonderful mix of different cultures. The city environment tends to draw in all sorts of different personalities, many with unique perspectives on life. I also really enjoy exploring Burning Man and savor the many diverse experiences to be found there. Amazing dancing, incredible artistic expressions, and multi-faceted people. I'll be going back next year.

Family: The oldest of eleven siblings, it's important to me to spend time with them. We often get together on holidays or for hiking trips. There is so much to continuously learn from my family. They have so much insight and personal growth to share with me.

Being a Father: I am co-parenting a beautiful daughter, Alex, who is one of my greatest treasures. I have never been married, but decided to explore having a child with a close friend. Our daughter stays at her mothers place, but I occasionally take her out for hikes or such. So far it's going great.