Brief description. 

Serves 6 

Chop or mince onion, bell pepper, and garlic. Saute veggies.

(optional) Adding uncooked meat shortly after above saute and saute for a short time more to cook meat.

After veggies are sauted, add cilantro and (optional) spinach, and saute further until cooked.

Remove and mix in paprika, salt, pepper, and cheese.

Microwave some of the enchilada sauce in a flat bowl for 1 minute.

Oil 2 large cooking glass pans (for enchiladas to be placed in later). Spread a light layer of sauce on bottom of pan.

Oil a pan and heat tortillas 30 seconds each side.

Dip tortillas in the sauce, then on a plate, roll tortilla with above saute inside. Line up each rolled tortilla with a slight spacing between them in the oiled large glass pans.

If not eating right away, wait for next steps until ready to eat. Store sauce separate from enchiladas until ready.

When ready to eat, add sauce over rolled tortillas and let slip in between them. Spread cheese on top. Microwave 2 minutes for 2-3 enchiladas (3 minutes for 5-6).