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TV Card, ATI TV Wonder Pro 200

ATI TV Wonder Pro 200 Video Capture PCI Adapter

TV WONDER PRO is the leading-edge PCI TV-tuner and video capture solution. Simply install the software, plug it into a PCI slot, and connect your TV cable to the tuner. Then sit back and enjoy up to 125 channels of high-resolution television on your desktop PC. Zoom in on the action, monitor closed captioning for Hot Words and scan channels at a glance - just some of the many intelligent TV-Tuner functions that will change the way you watch TV. You'll wonder how you ever lived without it

Brand: ATI
Model: TV Wonder Pro 200
Functionality: 125 Channel TV Tuner
Video Ports: S-Video Input, CATV/RF Coax: BNC I/O
Analog Video Signal:  S-Video, composite video
Broadcast Formats Supported: NTSC-M
Compatible Port/Slot: PCI


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